Corelle for Gifting: Elevating Family Gatherings, Big or Small.

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In the realm of thoughtful gifting, Corelle stands out as a versatile and cherished choice, especially when it comes to catering to the unique dynamics of small and large families. Here’s how Corelle's dinnerware sets make for the perfect gift, enhancing the joy of family gatherings in any size.


Why does Corelle make a perfect choice for gifting?

  1. Ideal Set Sizes

Corelle offers many dinner sets in various sizes. From compact sets for nuclear families to large dinner sets for joint families, Corelle provides flexibility and caters to every family size. Apart from dinner sets, you can also purchase plates and bowls as per the quantity you desire to gift to the families. Ranging from 16 pcs dinner sets for smaller scale nuclear families to 57 pcs dinner sets to celebrate the celebration of big families, Corelle makes an ideal choice for gifting.


  1. Durable and Chip-Resistant

There's often a chance that dinnerware might break and chip especially if there are kids in the families. Corelle being durable and break and chip resistant will put your worry at ease. The non-breakable dinnerwarev is made of Vitrelle glass. The Vitrelle glass material provides extra strength as it is a tri-ply laminated glass and can withstand daily usage. 


  1. Easy Maintenance

For busy households, time is of the essence. Corelle dinner sets provide convenience when it comes to maintenance. Being microwave and dishwasher safe makes reheating, preparing quick meals and cleaning dishes easy and simple, without any hassle. It's a practical addition to the family.


  1. Stackable, Thin and Lightweight

Famous for being thin yet sturdy and lightweight, Corelle plates are easy to handle for daily use. Their stackable design maximizes kitchen space looking well organized and clutter-free.


Timeless Patterns that are Chic & Versatile to Gift Small Families

For small families, Corelle offers dinner sets of 16 pcs ranging in various patterns to suit the family's small size.


  • Corelle Livingware Plus Elegance 16 Pcs Nuclear Family Set


The refreshing tulip patterns add a splash of colour to the dinner table. The Elegance dinner set is an impeccable choice to gift a nuclear family. It's a 16 pcs dinner set comprising 4 dinner plates of 26cm, 4 small plates of 17 cm, 4 katoris of 177ml and 4 dessert bowls of 296ml. Perfectly suiting the small-scale nuclear family, this 16 pcs dinner set will be an exemplary choice to give to your loved ones. 


  • Corelle Asia Collection Gold Series Frost 16 Pcs Nuclear Family Set


The Frost pattern is one of the patterns from the Asia Collection of Corelle. This white dinner set fits the winter season because of the frosted tree pattern which gives off a subtle winter vibe. The 16 pcs dinner set comes with 4 dinner plates of 26cm, 4 small plates of 17 cm, 4 katoris of 177ml and 4 dessert bowls of 296ml. The plates and bowls are easy to use and wash and the patterns won’t wear or scratch off even after multiple daily use.

These are a few patterns that are versatile and fit every occasion. You can explore further on the website link provided at the end of the blog.


Timeless Patterns that are Chic & Versatile to Gift Larger Families

From 30-pcs dinner sets to 57-pcs dinner sets, Corelle dinner sets come in different sizes. Take your pick according to the size of the family you are gifting to.


  • Corelle Livingware 57 Pcs Red Trellis Dinner Set


The Red Trellis Dinner set exhibits elegance and sophistication in every way. The red patterns adorning the rim of the plates and bowls against the white surface bring out a contrast that will elevate your dining experience. The 57 pcs dinner set is made up of 12 dinner plates of 26 cm, 12 small plates of 17 cm, 12 vegetable/dessert bowls of 296ml, 12 katoris of 177ml, 2 curry bowls of 900 ml with plastic covers, 2 serving bowl of 1 l with plastic cover and 1 oval serving platter of 31 cm. Gift the dinner set to your loved ones and let them enjoy a hearty meal.


  • Corelle Peony Bouquet 30 Pcs Dinner Set


Peonies on a plate serve elegance and serenity. This Peony Bouquet dinner set with a floral, pink peony pattern is a perfect example of aesthetic and functionality combined. This 30 pcs dinner set comes with 6 dinner plates of 26 cm, 6 small plates of 17 cm, 6 dessert bowls of 290 ml, 6 ramekin bowls of 177 ml, 1 noodle bowl of 900 ml, 2 serving bowls of 1l with plastic cover for each bowl and 1 serving platter of 31 cm. For a medium-sized meal, this modern dinnerware set seems perfect. 

Check out other patterns with dinner sets of different sizes on the website link provided at the end of the blog.


Wrap ‘em up!

In summary, Corelle's thoughtfully designed dinnerware addresses the specific needs and preferences of nuclear and joint families. Whether it's the practicality of easy maintenance, the versatility of designs, or the space-saving stack-ability, Corelle stands as a fitting and appreciated gift for those in smaller and bigger household settings. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to wrap the gift and give it to your near and dear ones. For more patterns, check out For exciting offers and to keep yourself updated on our further activities, follow us on Instagram

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