Corelle: Why choose Glass crockery over Ceramics?

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When it comes to fancy and elegant dinnerware, glass and ceramic crockery are the two most popular ones. No wonder you are always split between which one is the superior one, which of these checks all your requirements, and which one to finally buy. This blog is here to clear up all your doubts and help you decide. Though glass and ceramic have their pros and cons, we’ll tell you why you should go for Corelle glass dinnerware over ceramic.

Ceramic Crockery

Ceramic crockery is made of clay, which is heated to a high temperature and later hardened. It is one of the most loved and sought-after crockeries across the globe. The plates and bowls come in pretty designs, which enhance their aesthetic appeal. This stylish crockery, mixed with a rustic vibe, is perfect for special occasions but not advisable for everyday use.

Glass Crockery

Corelle Glass dinnerware is made with Vitrelle glass, which is a three-layered tempered glass that provides strength and durability. Corelle dinnerware is famous for being lightweight and chip-resistant. This glass dinner set brings an elegant vibe to your dinner table. Its versatility makes it suitable for every occasion.

Let’s understand the differences between the two tablewares.

  • Lightweight and Easy to Handle

Made with Vitrelle glass, Corelle glass dinnerware is light in weight and easy to handle. Being lightweight, it is easier to set the table, serve, and clean up afterwards. Another advantage of Corelle being lightweight is that it is easy for kids and elderly members to handle, reducing the risk of accidents.

However, ceramic crockery is made with hardened clay, which makes it heavier than glass dinnerware. It would be challenging to use and manage ceramic crockery for daily use, especially in larger sets. Hence, Corelle is a better choice over ceramics.

  • Durability and Strength

The three-layered Vitrelle glass provides immense strength and durability to Corelle dinner plates and bowls. It makes it break and chip-resistant and ideal to withstand the rigours of daily use. Even after multiple washes, the plates appear to be in pristine condition.

However, ceramic crockery is exposed to breaking and chipping easily. Though ceramic dishes are durable, with daily use, they can form cracks. Corelle’s glass composition technology is superior to hardened clay ceramic cookware.

  • Space- Saving and Stackable

One of the best advantages of Corelle glass dinnerware as opposed to ceramic dinnerware is that it has a stackable design. It is easier to stack plates and bowls in your cabinet as it takes less space. With less space and a stackable design, Corelle glass is the true winner compared to ceramic tableware.

A ceramic dinner set is the opposite of space-saving. They are thicker and bulkier in design, and they take up more space in small kitchens. Additionally, stacking them together can cause chips and cracks.

  • Versatility

From birthday parties, anniversaries, housewarmings, and festival gatherings to corporate events, Corelle offers a variety of timeless patterns to suit your occasion. Corelle has options to suit your taste, whether you prefer classic white, vibrant colours, or intricate patterns. The glass surface provides a sleek, modern look that enhances the visual appeal of your dining experience.

While ceramic dinnerware also comes in various designs, it often lacks the same level of versatility and modern aesthetic that Corelle glassware offers. The glossy finish of glass can make colours and patterns appear more vibrant and appealing.

Corelle Dinnerware is Your Way to Go

The advantages of glass dinnerware weigh more than those of ceramic. While both have their charm, when we look at the bigger picture, Corelle ticks off all the checkboxes. Your meals deserve the best, and with Corelle, you can enjoy the perfect blend of functionality and style. Check out the wide range of patterns at and get one that suits your taste the best. To stay updated with exciting offers and our activities, follow us on Instagram:

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