Snapware Leak-Proof Eco Clean, 3 Compartment, Glass Storage Container with Air-Tight Lid, Microwave and Oven Safe, Rectangle, 1050ML, Green

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  • MATERIAL TYPE: Pyrex® glass is heat strengthened, through a thermal tempering process, to be durable and long-lasting, Pyrex® glassware-- any glass products, for that matter--can break if it’s dropped, knocked against a hard surface, or struck with a hard utensil—so handle your Pyrex® glassware with care. 
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: Snapware Pyrex is easy to clean and maintain as it is dishwasher safe 
  • LEAKPROOF: Want to carry your meal without any hassle and mess free Snapware Pyrex Eco Clean has got you covered, Snapware Pyrex features solid latch & Silicon Seal which make these storage containers 100% Leak Proof and airtight seal.
  • MICROWAVE & OVEN SAFE: Highly versatile and adaptable to all, modern lifestyle conveniences, SNAPWARE PYREX shortens your preparation, cooking and washing time.
    (CAUTION!) Only Glass Vessels can be used in Conventional Oven and lids should be removed at all times. In Case of Microwave always loosen lid for reheating purpose.
  • FREEZER AND REFRIGERATOR SAFE: Use Snapware Pyrex to store your leftovers or freeze your food in freezer or refrigerator. (CAUTION!) Please remove the lid and allow glass vessel to sit for 1 or 2 min after removing from the freezer before placing in the microwave. 
  • STAIN & ODOUR RESISTANT: BPA Free Lid construction & they are safe for use in microwave and food storage & Due to non-porous nature, it doesn’t absorb food & food smell, stains or germs retains crystal clarity even after repeated use.

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