5 Must-Haves Cookware for Every Home Chef

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When it comes to cookware you will find a variety of options, thousands of pots and pans but what do they do? Are these many appliances really required to make food. Well, we are here for you to cut it short. There are many cookware appliances that are versatile and can be used for more than one purpose. If you are a beginner in the kitchen and confused with which ones to buy, this blog is here to help you and make your life easy.


5 Essential Cookware for Indian Kitchen


  • Corelle DuraNano Technology Fry Pan


A fry pan is the most versatile appliance that you will find in every household. From frying to searing, browning and sautéing, a fry pan is suitable for every cooking technique. You might find a variety of fry pans made of different materials but here’s why Corelle DuraNano technology Fry pan should be your ultimate choice. It is uncoated, non-stick and free from any chemicals. The uplifted high ends and flat surface provides even heat distribution. As it heats up quickly, it is perfect for foods that require high heat such as meats, vegetables and eggs. Show off your culinary skills with Corelle DuraNano technology Fry Pan.


  • Corelle DuraNano Technology Kadhai


Another essential cookware that every home chef should possess is kadhai. Whether you're stir-frying, sautéing, deep-frying, or preparing curries, the kadhai's wide, deep design provides ample space and even heat distribution for delicious results. When it comes to choosing the perfect kadhai, the Corelle DuraNano technology Kadhai stands out as the ultimate option. With its innovative Corelle DuraNano technology non-stick coating, it ensures effortless cooking and easy cleanup, making kitchen chores a breeze. 


  • Corelle DuraNano Technology Saucepan with Lid


Corelle DuraNano technology Saucepan is a tri-ply stainless-steel saucepan that is not only useful for cooking but also for serving at the dinner table. From melting butter to preparing soups, sauces, grains, and pasta, the saucepan is a go-to tool for various cooking needs. Its sturdy handle and easy-to-pour spout provide convenience and control, making it a favorite among home cooks and professional chefs alike. When selecting a saucepan, durability, heat conductivity, and ease of cleaning are key factors to consider, and you will find all of these in Corelle DuraNano technology Saucepan.


  • Corelle DuraNano Technology Wok Pan with Lid


The Corelle DuraNano technology wok pan redefines cooking with its innovative design and advanced non-stick coating. The patented Nano technology not only ensures superior non-stick performance but also enhances durability, making the pan resistant to scratches, abrasions, and wear over time. The wok pan's spacious design and high walls make it ideal for a wide range of cooking techniques. Its curved shape promotes even-heat distribution, allowing for quick and efficient cooking while preserving the natural flavours and nutrients of the ingredients.


  • Corelle DuraNano Technology Tawa


The tawa, a staple in Indian kitchens, holds a special place for its versatility in preparing various dishes like rotis, dosas, pancakes, and more. However, the Corelle DuraNano technology tawa stands out as a game-changer in the world of cookware. Engineered with cutting-edge Corelle DuraNano technology non-stick technology, this tawa ensures flawless cooking without the hassle of sticking or burning. Its durable construction guarantees long-lasting performance, resisting scratches and wear even with daily use. Say goodbye to sticky messes and unevenly cooked food—the Corelle DuraNano technology tawa is the ultimate companion for achieving culinary perfection in every meal.


Seasoning The Cookware

Let’s not forget to season our cookware before preparing a delicious meal. Seasoning your cookware is important as it helps in maintaining the cookware, doesn’t affect its quality and performance and prolongs its lifespan.

- Rinse the cookware thoroughly and dry it completely.
- Apply a moderate amount of cooking oil to the interior surface and heat over low flame until smoke appears.
- Allow the cookware to cool naturally before washing it with liquid soap.

Just a few steps and your cookware is seasoned and ready to use.


Now that you are familiar with the essential cookware that every home chef must have in their kitchen what’s stopping you? Whip up a delicious gourmet feast and serve in elegance with Corelle dinnerware set. Save your time and energy and switch to Corelle DuraNano technology uncoated nonstick cookware that is stainless steel, chemical-free and durable. Explore our product range https://corelle.co.in/collections/Corelle DuraNano technology technology and shop now.

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