Dinnerware Storage Hacks to Maximize Space and Maintain Quality.

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Do you also feel your kitchen is always in a chaotic state? Is the lack of space always stressing you out? You keep on purchasing new items but can’t find enough space to store them? This might be because your kitchen is not organized well. Toss all your stress away because this blog is your ultimate solution. Here you will find storage hacks for your kitchen that will help you declutter cabinets and maximize space for your dinner set.


  1. Declutter your Kitchen

Start by rummaging through your kitchen and sorting all your dinnerware. It is easy to accumulate more items than you require. Now is the time to get rid of your chipped mugs, old bowls and plates which are not in use anymore and make space for new ones. After you are done with sorting, you can already see the difference in your kitchen. Now, you can start with arranging and organizing your dinnerware on shelves and cabinets. 


  1. Open Shelves and Shelf Risers

Add an open shelf to your kitchen to store plates, bowls, mugs and other dinnerware that you use every day. Open shelves provide easy accessibility and give a modern and sleek look to your kitchen. Shelf risers utilize vertical space that makes your kitchen look organized and spacious. Corelle kitchen plates and bowls are thin, light and have a stackable design. This makes it easy to stack them up without taking up much space on your shelf. 


  1. Dividers for Utensil Drawers

Keep your cutlery organized by adding dividers in the drawers. Keep your spoon, forks, and knives on one side and your kitchen tools like tongs, serving spoon and ladles on the other side. Storing them in one drawer in an organized manner will free up space in other drawers for other cookware and dinnerware. 


  1. Plate Rack Wisdom

Invest in plate racks to prevent scratches and chips on your dinner plates. Choosing the right size and type ensures that your plates are stored securely, maintaining their pristine condition for every meal. Corelle dinnerware sets are made of tri-ply Vitrelle glass material that makes them durable and break & chip-resistant. Even after daily use, the plates won’t lose their shine and remain scratch-free.


  1. Install a Pegboard

Instead of fixed shelves, you can fix a pegboard. Hang your kitchenware like your pots and pans and organize them the way you like. You can also rearrange them as peg boards are very adaptable and is the best way to declutter your kitchen. 


  1. Cup and Mug Mastery

Explore innovative storage ideas for cups and mugs. Hang cup racks, utilize stackable solutions and incorporate drawer inserts to protect these delicate items from damage. This not only keeps your cups in impeccable shape but also creates a visually appealing display.


  1. Display and Storage Harmony

Combine aesthetics with functionality by incorporating decorative elements into your storage. Open shelving or glass-front cabinets not only create an attractive display but also make it easy to locate and access your dinnerware.



Incorporating these space-maximizing and quality-preserving dinnerware storage hacks into your kitchen not only enhances functionality but also elevates the overall aesthetic. Your modern dinnerware sets will last a lifetime without any wear and tear if you follow these hacks. Embrace these strategies to create a well-organized and visually pleasing dining space.

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