Top 3 Corelle Dinner Sets for Every Occasion

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Setting the perfect dinner table is an art, and it starts with the right dinnerware. Corelle, a trusted name in the world of tableware, offers a range of exquisite dinner sets designed to enhance every occasion. Whether it's a formal dinner, a casual gathering, or a festive celebration, Corelle has a set for every event. In this blog, we'll explore the top 3 Corelle modern dinnerware sets that are not just versatile but also a reflection of style and quality, making them ideal for every occasion.


Top 3 Dinner Sets for Every Occasion

Elegant City 21 Pcs Dinner Set

Planning a relaxed brunch with your dear ones? The Elegant City dinner set of 21 Pcs is a perfect dishware for the occasion. This dinner set comes with 6 Dinner Plates, 6 Small Plates, 6 Vegetable/ Dessert Bowl, 1 litre Serving Bowl, 1 Curry Bowl and 1 Rice Platter.

 Elegant City 21 Pcs Dinner Set

The kitchen plates are generously sized to accommodate a variety of brunch favorites, from quiches to fruit platters, while the bowls are perfect for cereals, soups, or delectable desserts. The colourful floral pattern gives a refreshing vibe which fits the brunch theme. The plates are made of Vitrelle glass which makes it break resistant and lightweight. It's light, stackable, microwave and dishwasher- safe. So, gather your loved ones, get cozy and transform your morning brunch into a sophisticated affair.


English Garden 21 Pcs Dinner Set

It's your anniversary and all your effort went into planning the perfect day for your partner. From music to décor to menu, everything is set for your anniversary dinner date but what about the dinnerware? This English Garden Dinner Set from Corelle will upgrade your anniversary dinner party. The dainty flower and leaf pattern adorning the plates and bowls adds a delicate touch to your celebration.

English Garden 21 Pcs Dinner Set

In this set you will get 6 Dinner Plates, 6 Small Plates, 6 Vegetable/ Dessert Bowls, 1 litre Serving Bowl, 1 Curry Bowl and 1 Rice Platter. This dinnerware is a balance between aesthetic and functionality. It is versatile, break-resistant and doesn’t take up much space in your cabinet due to its stackable design. Set your table with lightweight and unbreakable dinnerware set along with candles and top it off with some wine to make your special day memorable.


Lilac Blush 21 Pcs Dinner Set

Add some hues to your festival with Lilac Blush Dinner Set from Corelle. It is inspirational and crafty with lilac flower patterns decorating the crown of the dinnerware. If you are looking for something elegant and durable for your festive dinner celebration, then Lilac Blush Dinner set is the one you should go for. It’s a complete dinner set with 6 Dinner Plates, 6 Small Plates, 6 Vegetable / Dessert Bowls, 1 Curry Bowl, 1 litre Serving Bowl and 1 Rice Platter.

Lilac Blush 21 Pcs Dinner Set

The Corelle dinnerware set is durable and lightweight as it is made of Vitrelle glass. It is stain and scratch-resistant which makes it look as fresh as new even after multiple uses. It is break & chip resistant which makes it durable for generations to come and its stackable design takes less space in your cabinet. Reheat your meals as it is microwave safe and being dishwasher safe makes it easy to clean. Host a grand festive dinner with your friends and family and enhance your dining experience with Corelle.


Make Every Occasion Special

It goes without saying that celebration is incomplete without a feast and your closed ones. To leave your guests with a lasting impression and to elevate your table setup, choose Corelle. Share loving stories and laughter and make fun memories around your dinner table. Visit the website and explore various patterns to give your every occasion a special touch

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